One Quick look into the
Fake Finder TM,  will Reviel the UV security Features
on Currency, Credit Cards, Loyalty Cards, or
UV STAMPs. And many other forms of Documents!
* Dolloar Bills
* Currancy from over 100 Countries!
* Loyalty Cards
* ID cards
* Driver License &  MORE !!!
Some Security features are Just below the  N.E.T. or NAKED EYE THERSHOLD.  Now see features the Document may contain
Call TriCom,... 1-800-830-2225
for the STATE SECURITY FEATURES on your State Driver License, and the Location of each feature

PRESS this button to see the UV
Security features on your State ID.

Press one button to See WHITE LIGHT ilumanation of the MICRO PRINTING.
See a 365 nm  UV - LED ilumanation of the holigrams, and UV sesitive Security features.
With Naked Eye
New! Product Line !!!
Please Call for Prices
EASY Battery replacement and maintinance.
Counterfeit Detection
The Fake Finder POS-15 is a smaller version of the F-12 and is suitable for locations where counter space is limited. Can be mounted under the counter with screws or perma-grip hook and loop tape.
Counterfeit Detector
The Fake Finder CT-1000 is the most economical and effective electronic currency tester available in the market today.
Verifies multiple currencies without changing test mode, including the U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Russian Ruble, Swedish Krona, and Brazilian Real.
Bill Counter with Counterfeit Detection
The FF-1000 by Fake Finder is a highly efficient currency counter utilizing counterfeit detection technology.
Counting by denomination, recognizing security features, and high-speed accuracy are just a few of the valuable features of this new product.  Pre-programmed functions also allow the user to set automatic tasks that speed usage and assist in troubleshooting
UV-Authentication Pen (Panagio pen)
Replaces Obsolete “Counterfeit Marker”
The Fake Finder UV Authentication Pen is the ideal portable tool for verification of currency driver licenses, passports, credit cards, traveler checks and other important items with ultra-violet security features.  Featuring a high quality LED and specially designed circuit board.
Designed  JUST FOR USA  driver License
Actual View with
With ID-Eye110
Fake ID Finder.
Counterfeit Detector
The Fake Finder F-12 is the best-selling ultraviolet
Counterfeit detector in the U.S. Twice as powerful as any other similar device, this simple-to-use device enables you to quickly verify currency, credit cards, driver’s licenses and traveler checks during the transaction.

For : BANKS, C-Stores
Liquor Stores, Medical Dispenseries and any one
accepting Large
$ Bills Credit Cards, or inspecting Documents!

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Best seller!
$125.00 on SALE for $110.00
Click on the BLUE # 's to see PDF Manuals
Micro Print is Variable now and can be seen as a Line or image and with the ID-Eye110 now you can see it as the BEST security feature on a Document today.
Click on the Picture for a complete 
VIDEO Demenstration.
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